How Your Smartphone Helps Secure Your Home

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Smart homes are becoming the norm with new technology being developed and improved for better security. However, there are still plenty of people who are hesitant to embrace this trend because they don’t understand it. Learn how your smartphone can help secure your home whether you’re there or away. View Your Home You can find […]

How to Get Peace of Mind While on Vacation

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The thought of relaxing on a sunny beach or hiking in the mountains makes you anticipate your vacation every day as it gets closer. However, you worry about your home and your property while you’re gone. If you want to enjoy the relaxing or exciting time on your vacation without concern about returning home, you […]

The Benefit of High-Security Locks

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Standard locks are easily broken into, which means rekeying or replacing often if you own a business or have rental properties. This can get expensive as well as being less secure. High-security locks are a better choice for anyone who wants to protect their property. If you haven’t upgraded your locks to a high-security product, […]

Property management and facilities service

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It’s happened yet again. Your tenant has called you in the middle of the night, and they can’t get into their apartment. They’ve lost their keys and they expect you to come let them in. Instead of dragging yourself out of bed late at night, you can call on a professional locksmith service to handle […]

Benefits of an Alarm System

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You’ve seen the signs in yards that say the property is protected by an alarm system. You may have watched ads on television about alarms, but never thought much about why you should install one. You live in a safe neighborhood. You even leave your door unlocked when you take the dog for a walk. […]

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Home security system technology has come a long way

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Cameras, thermostats, lamp modules, and more are now available to customize your home security system. Technology has come a long way in the home security industry. Some systems are internet-based, some operate with stand-alone cellphone units. Some still use a standard home phone and cell unit as a back-up in case the phone line is cut. With […]