Common Door Lock Problems Every Homeowner Needs to Know

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Home security is a top priority for San Diego homeowners. Most of the time we do not pay much attention to our door locks until something goes wrong. Sure it is possible to never encounter any issues with a door lock or deadbolt, but not everyone is blessed with good luck. These people may feel more inclined to seek lock repair services from a professional, especially if the problem is anything but ordinary. Today we will discuss some of the common door lock problems that every homeowner is likely to experience.

Door Lock is Sticking

Sticky door locks are quite common in door and deadbolt locks. This is due to wear and tear and build up of grime. To resolve this issue, you should first test to see if it is difficult to slide the key in or out, and if the lock itself turns. If one of these is difficult then the lock needs to be lubricated. There are a number of different lubricants available. We prefer you stick to graphite powder, because other lubricants can cause more gunk build up.

 Apply graphite powder into the lock and along the bolt and latch to properly lubricate them. After you should then insert and remove the key and turn the lock repeatedly. This will ensure the lock is properly lubricated. If the lock is not operating smoothly then the lock may be beyond repair.

Door Key Does Not Work Properly

It is common for clients to explain that their door key is not working properly. The first thing to do is to be sure you are using the right key for the lock. After you ensure the right key is used, get the door open and inspect the problem with the door lock. If the key turns but does not lock, then the lock may need to be disassembled and repaired.

A new or used key that does not work properly may have rough edges that need to be filed off. To do this you need to slightly heat the key over an open flame and file down shiny areas where soot was removed by the rough edges.

Deadbolt or Door Lock is Not Locking

This is a sign that the latch is the issue, not the locking mechanism. The striker, the flat metal plate on the door frame into which the bolt slides, does not go all the way into the lock jam. Thisis because the door has been warped, screws are loose or the plate has moved.

First, try tightening the screws on the striker plate to see if this helps the striker find the door frame easily. If that is not the helping, then try removing and setting the door stop slightly from its original position and the door lock should function smoothly.

Although the United States is decreasing in property crime rates. It still pays off to have your home safeguarded against burglary. According to the FBI, the number of property crimes in the U.S. from January to June of 2013 decreased 5.4 percent. This is compared with data for the same time period of 2012. Property crimes such as burglary, larceny-theft and motor vehicle theft are making an improvement. It always helps to protect your belongings with fully functional door locks in your home.

Lock repair San Diego professionals at Your Pro Locksmith can help you keep your household protected. If you are experiencing trouble with your door lock and deadbolt locks it is imperative to address the issue before thieves attempt to break in. Call today to schedule an appointment for lock repair services.