Keep Your Home Safe this Halloween

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Every year Halloween brings spooky creatures to wander around your neighborhood. Though many of the masked villains are harmless children, thousands of homes become prime targets for vandals and burglars. If you or a loved one is going to be away for a costume party make sure the home is protected from burglary with these tips.

A locksmith will provide services to equip your home for safety and security all year round. There are still many precautions that residential homeowners need to take in order to deter against burglaries and vandalism this upcoming Halloween season.

Scare Away Crooks with Lights

Lighting can be used as a great defense against burglaries. Homeowners should place security lights up high around the home, especially in areas that are easily accessible. Installing lights high and out of normal reaching distance will prevent burglars from removing bulbs and fixtures.

Motion sensored lights are best, as they activate with movement in the perimeter of the home.

When you step out it is best to leave lights on in the home to make it appear that someone is still inside when you are away. Timer switches can be set to turn lights off at the homeowner’s preference.

Trim All Grass, Bushes and Trees

It may seem like a careless chore, but it will help increase visibility for neighbors to see who is lurking around. Overgrown bushes, shrubs and grass creates perfect hiding places for burglars and at night darkness from the plant’s shadows provide perfect camouflage. Trim or remove anything that creates a shadow around the perimeter before leaving for the night.

Slow Down Burglars

Criminals may have scoped out your home and know when you are away, but installing an extra lock or two and deadbolts can make a burglar give up. They do not want to be outside for long, trying to pick every lock in plain sight of others, so the more locks there are the better.

Lock and Shield Your Windows

This is probably a pet peeve of many homeowners, but they need to be certain that every point of entry is safeguarded whether at home or out for a party. Close and lock all windows in securely. Burglars are crafty these days and will even squeeze through the smallest window, so be sure to fasten it.

Curtains or blinds should be installed to screen all the visibility of the home’s interior. Basement and patio windows are also points of entry, so these too should be locked and shielded.

Set Your Security System

It is a given to homeowners that if they have an alarm system, put it to good use and set it while away from home. The security of the home will remain intact and all valuables will be safe.

According to the San Diego Police Department, by setting an alarm system and notifying the alarm company that you are out of town for the night or vacation they will send authorities to your home when the burglar alarm is tripped. The alarm company calls emergency vehicles immediately to resolve the situation when the homeowner is gone.

This Halloween do not allow the safety of your home to be compromised while you are out enjoying your annual costume party. Take the precautions necessary to keep your home and valuables secure. Be sure to lock up, set your lighting and alarm systems and enjoy the night responsibly.