Property management and facilities service

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It’s happened yet again. Your tenant has called you in the middle of the night, and they can’t get into their apartment. They’ve lost their keys and they expect you to come let them in. Instead of dragging yourself out of bed late at night, you can call on a professional locksmith service to handle this property management and facilities service.

This is just one situation where locks come into play for a landlord’s property. You may also need to change the locks during a move-out or when a tenant gets a new roommate. For landlords of commercial properties, they may have a similar situation where they need new locks when a business moves out.

Change Out Locks for Move-outs

Many landlords make it a rule to change out a lock anytime they have new tenants. You can contract with a locksmith to be available for these times. In college towns, turnover often comes at the start and end of the school year. During heavy move-out times, you can ask for the landlord to be on-site to change multiple locks.

Using a professional locksmith can be beneficial. For one, you can save your maintenance staff a lot of time changing or rekeying locks. They can spend that time working on other tasks. It also saves money since the locksmith will take care of multiple locks at one time instead of paying for separate service calls.

Update Locks

More apartment complexes, condominiums and businesses are moving towards keypads instead of traditional locks. A locksmith can help you update your locks and teach you how to use, program and reset them. They can discuss the best locks for your premises based on the neighborhood and nature of your business to ensure adequate protection.

Some locks are more durable than others, and less susceptible to break-ins. Your locksmith can offer guidance for the type of lock you need whether you’re protecting an apartment or a business, an exterior or interior door.

Handle Lock-outs

It’s inevitable that a tenant will lock themselves out of their unit at some point. For those with residential properties, it may happen on a regular basis. Just know, it’s much easier to contact a locksmith who provides 24/7 services to handle the call than to do it yourself.

One benefit is you don’t even have to pay for the service. In many cases, you can charge your tenant for lockout service after hours. Most tenants are willing to pay to gain access to their unit. Others will just wait until the next day. Hiring a locksmith who will take care of this service on a regular basis, makes more sense than dealing with the problem on your own. Eventually, these uninvited lockouts will lessen once a tenant is hit with a service call charge.

Having a locksmith, you can trust and use on a regular basis for your rental properties can save time and money. So, don’t delay call today to find out more information on the services offered in your area.