Is Carrying Too Many Keys Bad For Your Ignition?

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Most people today own multiple sets of keys to unlock properties, start up vehicles and machines, and instead of placing them on separate keychains they put them all on one keychain holder. That is the obvious thing to do if you have a tendency to lose keys, but what you may not know is the damage that is being done to your vehicle’s ignition system. This is especially aimed to those who carry a multitude of flashlights, bottle openers and other gadgets on one key chain. A heavy keychain weighs down the ignition and can one day cause it to fail. Some individuals run into this problem and aren’t sure why their car won’t start. Luckily an emergency car locksmith can be trusted to provide roadside assistance.

An emergency auto locksmith can be reached to quickly help drivers get access to their car when keys are locked inside, to remove broken keys from the car door or trunks and fix ignition problems when a vehicle fails to start. Emergency car locksmiths in San Diego are trained and prepared to handle car key services at any hour of the day, without causing damage to the vehicle.

What damage does a heavy keychain cause to a car?

When the weight of the keychain hangs, gravity continues to do its work and pull down. The ignition has to handle the weight when the car is at rest, while making turns, riding over bumps and going uphill. All this extra force continues to wear out tumblers in the ignition. A worn tumbler from the weight eventually will no longer be able to engage and turn the ignition lock. Once these internal parts start experiencing problems starting up the vehicle must be serviced for ignition repairs, meaning spending more money.

How heavy does the weight have to be to damage the car’s ignition?

A collection of keychains, house keys, deposit box keys and car remotes all take a toll on the car, so how many of these are too many? Most car experts believe that nine keys or less will not cause damage. While some will say that weight ignitions are able to withstand up to three pounds of weight while the car is at rest. There is no definite answer, but if the keys feel heavy while in the ignition remove some items from the keychain.

According to Mercedes Source, one of the main reasons for early failure of car ignition lock mechanisms is putting too many keys on the car’s key ring. Over time the tumblers inside the ignition lock wear out, as well as the tumblers in the ignition. Disconnect all other keys from the car’s ignition key and drive with only one key in the ignition switch, if possible. If the key starts to stick in the ignition and does not initially start the car until the keys are wiggled, these are signs that the ignition is beginning to wear away. Take a look at the key itself, if the key looks old and worn it is recommended to get a replacement key. The key gets worn from the normal use and the excessive weight dangling from the keychain. If the tumblers in the ignition lock are replaced before it fails it will be an easy fix, before complete failure and leaving the car owner stranded.

What should go on a car’s keychain?

Every car owner should trim the fat from their keychain by removing all other keys from the ignition key ring. A car owner’s keychain should consist of:

– One or two keys (including the ignition key)

– Car alarm remote

Attach a removable keychain to easily remove all other keys, club member cards, flashlights, knives and bottle openers before driving.

In older car models, the car ignition is a common failure from excessive weight on the ignition key and normal wear and tear. The weight acts as a pendulum and the ignition key wiggles up, down and all around while driving and the ignition wears out much faster than usual.

Even if the car has keyless transmitters, the car ignition lock is still prone to suffer from excessive weight.

At Pro Locksmith, they know that most car models require special tools to remove the ignition cylinder and interlock system, so in the event that this happens your car can be rescued. Do not let your car get you stranded in the middle of the night. Call the specialists at Pro Locksmith and have them replace your worn car keys. Cut down the weight on your keychain and disconnect all other keys from your ignition key to maintain a long lifespan for your car’s ignition system.